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I haven’t seen even an animal killed the way my son was – Mahama’s father

The father of Capt. Maxwell Mahama says he is unable to comprehend the motive behind the horrific murder of his son by residents of Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region.

Capt. Rtd. Adam Mahama said it is unbelievable that human beings can mass up against another and intentionally cause his death without a basis, something even animals wouldn't do.

“I haven’t seen an animal being killed like that for years. People surround an animal and they throw stones at it until it dies.

“[Even] In the animal kingdom, you wouldn’t see animals gathering on another animal to kill it. Lions will gather on another lion to kill, goats will assemble on another to kill, I haven’t seen anything like that,” he grieved.

Captain Maxwell Mahama, who was with the 5th Infantry Battalion was lynched while he went jogging at dawn on Monday.

He was allegedly stoned and burnt by the youth of the area who mistook him for an armed robber.

Capt. Mahama was Commander of the about 100 officers who were sent to the Denkyira-Obuasi township to assist the government in the fight against illegal mining.

But the District Chief Executive of the area, Daniel Appiannin in giving an account of what happened said the residents took that action because they assumed that the solider was protecting some Chinese illegal miners.

In a chilling interview with Joy FM’s Super Morning Show host, Kojo Yankson, the Capt. Rtd. Mahama said, even if his son was guilty of what he was accused of, lynching was not the solution.

“I know the people of Denkyira Obuasi go to church, some are Muslims and yet human beings can do this to somebody you haven't caught red handed doing something. And yet you won’t listen to all that he says and let some reasoning come into your head in the name of God and this is what you do to an innocent boy who is serving his nation.

“I can’t imagine the pain and suffering that this boy went through innocently for nothing. The way he suffered to death,” he lamented.

The Vice President, Mahamadu Bawumia paid a visit to the late Captain's family on Wednesday

In a response to why his son didn’t shoot any of his attackers, although he had a weapon, Capt. Rtd. Mahama said under no circumstance will his son pull the trigger and cause the death of another person.

He said the late soldier believed in dialogue, adding, “This boy cannot even kill a fly with a gun. He was the best mask man in weapons, but I tell you he cannot kill a fly. He wouldn’t do it because he is so gentle, so sober, so caring.”

“I can assure you that this boy will never point a gun at a human being and press the trigger,” he stressed, adding that he would have been shocked if his shot anyone.

The grieving father said he has lost not only a son, but a companion, someone he shared all his thoughts and concerns with.

He described Capt. Mahama as someone who was dynamic and full of ideas and there was no issue he spoke to him about that he didn’t get answers to.

“He was the only one in the world I shared ideas with, on our domestic issues, it is me and him. He brings me ideas on the way forward, likewise, there is nothing about his domestic and personal matters he doesn’t discuss with me.” Capt. Rtd Mahama also disclosed that Maxwell’s wife is devastated by the development.

As a couple who kept in touch at all times, he said his son’s wife - Barbara Mahama - is unable to come to terms with her husband’s cruel murder.

The father also revealed that his son hoped to establish his own business, and proceed to become a lecturer at the University of Ghana when he gets to the rank of Major.

But this dream and desire has been dashed by people who couldn’t exercise patience.

He said he hopes the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to book, but appealed that "my son's lynching should be the last that we human beings will do against a person we suspect to have committed a crime."

Capt. Rtd Mahama says he intends to set up an NGO to fight instant justice.

"We should let the law work, if you arrest a suspect, give him to the police or take them to the chief. We should let the law work," he pleaded.

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