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I have declared my intention to run in the upcoming regional congress to be elected as the next Greater Accra Regional Assistant Secretary. I have game spirit, I understand the implications, and I appreciate the costs and the uncertainties. I know politics is not all a jolly ride and neither is it a bed of roses. It can be dirty, very dirty and many people may think it is normal.

I believe politics is a mechanism to determine who governs at what time in a multiparty democracy like our system. Therefore political contest should be about how we can enhance the quality of the social contract and make things better as a country. Let me state categorically that I look forward to a stimulating contest of ideas not the obsolete way of perpetual mudslinging. I want people to do and say things that appeal to the values of our party and the aspiration of its members.

 If you think you can descend low to run cheap propagandist tactics and sway the minds of the people then you better think again, because at the end of the day actions will speak louder than words in this campaign. At some point the true perpetrators must be found out. I have started receiving some abuse from some unscrupulous people who think they are more NPP than others. Well, as to that question when we get to the bridge we will cross it. I only want them to know that no one has a monopoly on abusive language and misconduct so they should always be mindful of what they do especially as part of the political process.

As for me I know of two prospective competitors now and I can promise them an ideas campaign, a contest of solutions not abuse. I respect the two gentlemen who have expressed interest in the same position so far, they are both older and as such I regard them as my big brothers. We will debate, we will campaign, we will market ourselves to the electorate and each of us will make an effort to beat the competition.

I look forward to a very fruitful contest that will be based on our party, our problems and our solutions. I believe I am very open to discourse on how I intend to contribute to our party’s development. And that will be the focus of my campaign.

I will not be intimidated, I will not panic, I will not cower, and by God’s grace I shall not fail. It is my fervent prayer and hope that God will crown my modest efforts with a resounding victory. A victory that will be well deserved, a victory that I am prepared to work hard for. So help me God.

As for those who want to begin the diabolical against me, they should go on, but I leave them to God.

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