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The Member of Parliament for Agona West, Hon. Cynthia Morrison has showed her readiness to participate in this year’s Miss Akwambo 2017.   
She indicated that as a woman, she sees herself as part of the beauty pageant and therefore she will do everything in her power for the pageant to be a success.

She expressed her desire to play a major role towards the festival particularly the beauty pageant. “I will be cooking with the ladies, and to be crowned as Miss Akwambo, you should be able to go to the kitchen, because ladies who go to the kitchen is what society want.” 

On the issue of sanitation, the Member of Parliament said she will do everything within her capacity to ensure Swedru becomes one of the attractive cities in Ghana. ‘’Sanitation is something that is dear to my heart. A lady who dress nicely while her home is dirty is not a lady. 

This Saturday, Myself and the ladies will all go to town and clean the surroundings. On the day of the program, we will clean the palace, even if they should paint they will because that is where the visitors will come and it will be done a week before the program.”

A big festival such as the Akwamba festival will bring more foreigners to Swedru which will go a long to help in development. Speaking on some major roads such as Bodwease to Ada, Mrs. Cynthia Morrison observed that even though government has suspended most of the major road contracts, the government has promised to help construct some of the roads such as Winneba junction to Oda and Bowdwiase.

 ‘’ As you know government has so far stopped awarding any major contract on roads and so if I say that there will be any road construction then I am not telling you the truth.’’

Mrs. Cynthia Morrison also noted  “this year’s Akwambo festival will be a memorable one and pleaded to all natives of Swedru land who live in the country and Abroad to support the festival especially the library project”                        

BY: Freda Anokye

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